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Investment Agent

Agent condition


1.Recognizing the company's corporate culture, business philosophy, products and investment policies.


2.Having some sales network or channel resources in the local region.


3.Having some economic strength and investment awareness.


4.Having insights and interests in high-end featured washing products.


5.Those have sales team and logistics warehousing, or have acted as sales


agent of daily use chemicals are preferred.



Headquarters support


Providing whole course consultative training and services, as well as

comprehensive guidance on product knowledge, staff management

and marketing activities


Admission support: offering different proportions of bar code fees for entering large shopping malls by different cooperation methods


Terminal support: giving different proportions of promoters, promotional items, display costs and other support according to the different amount purchased monthly


Incentive policy: carrying out the corresponding rebate activities according to the completion of the sales task


Advertising support: guiding customers for media, TV, outdoor and mobile advertising based on market conditions


Return or change support: The company takes full responsibility for the quality of products, and changes unsalable products in a certain percentage.




We are looking for long-term and stable partners!

Agency policy



Small region exclusive agency


1、Divided by cities and counties, each city has one exclusive agent only.

2、The strict small region exclusive agency system clarifies the sales region of the agents, protects the sales channels, and ensures the sales profit of the agents. Such implementation by administrative division can truly realize the exclusive agency in small region. Who sows, who harvest; who pays, who benefits.

3、The "small region exclusive agency system" will ensure stable prices in each city. Whether it is in Xinjiang or Shanghai, the absolute stability of the national sales price system is ensured, which prevents vicious price wars and ensures that channels have sufficient profit margins for continuous marketing activities




After many years of marketing system construction, we have built an efficient product marketing network. The active sales team keeps a close watch on the direction of industrial development and changes in customer needs under the complex and ever-changing market competition environment, tightly grasping the pulse of the market, improving the overall quality of all employees continuously by advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods and modern scientific management, providing customers with the solemn commitment on high quality, efficiency and sincere service. In addition, they establish long-term strategic partnerships with major application customers in China, strengthen the depth of cooperation and service scope of both parties, and gain the trust and support of customers.